Displays data football leagues with PHP CI

Learning by practicing, that’s about why this article was written. Posts about Displays data football leagues with PHP  CI is the process of learning to apply the API by using PHP CI. So maybe you will find a lot of newbie script  in it.

before discussing more about Displays data football leagues with PHP CI, there are some things that need to be submitted, because my ability is still less, in this application only provides the following features:

  1. Shows all competitions in the API
  2. Displays the Team in the competition
  3. Displays the standings of the competition
  4. Displays Schedule based on team and competition
  5. Showing players by team
  6. Features that apply only to league format competitions, for those with cup formats such as league champions or world cup, have not yet been applied.

Home View

this home view contains all the competition available in the API used, each list will be provided 2 buttons that lead to information about Team and Schedule of competition based on Matchday


Teams View

Teams will display the information entered into the tab, this information about the number of teams with the club logo and club name, if the club logo is not available will be replaced with a picture of the ball.

then display the standings of the selected competition

Team / Club View

if the team name in the click will display information about the team concerned. The information about teams is very little. More information about the team’s schedule and players can be seen in this section.


the competition schedule can be selected according to matchday, and the information on the page includes: score, and match status

to learn about the application  can be downloaded here

after the download follow the following steps

  1. get your API key at http://api.football-data.org/
  2. copy then paste your api key in the config_helper.php file inside the helpers folder

please comment if you want to discuss


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